So Why should you choose Polar Pure over all the other water treatment products out there?

Well we've made that decision easy for you with side by side comparisons of all the leading Water Filters, Water Tablets, and age old methods (boiling water). We've given ratings from 1-10 for some of the important things you might want to consider when going on a camping or hiking trip with 1 being the lowest rating and 10 being the best possible rating . We hope you've found this helpful.Enjoy.

       Boiling Water                    Filter Straws                   Water Tablets                     Polar Pure

Boiling water

Boiling Water is the Age Old Method of Water Treatment, it actually remains till this day the most reliable, safest and natural alternative. It also achieves the highest results in water cleanliness, however there are some drawbacks. For starers it takes up allot of your space in your backpack, everyone knows when your going on a camping trip you want to try to pack as light as possible. If I would choose this method than I would first need to bring a larger camping stove than otherwise necessary in order to have a fire strong enough to heat up the water quickly, I also need to bring larger quantities of fuel as the smaller camping stoves are generally made for heating up food. I also would need to bring a pot to heat up the water as the standard Steel Canteen Cups can only hold about a cup or 2 of water. You would also need a larger canteen as you dont want set up a whole camp fire every time you want a cup of water, Larger canteen means more weight added to your load, something you definitely don't want when going on a hike. You would also need to start a fire every time you need to refill your canteen, While starting a fire can be one of the most fun things about camping, especially with family, its no easy task, especially for the novice outdoors man. and lastly you would need a Filter Sock, to filter out things that boiling water cannot remove such as bugs, twigs, leaves Etc.. And don't forget you'll need a place to put all these things. for these reasons the Boiling Water method is not suitable for going camping more than a a day or 2 which is why this method is kind of a thing of the past.

Lightweight - 4

space - 2


time - 4

sterilization - 10

$$ per liter - 3

Emergency PREPAREDNESS - 2

Shelf Life - Not Applicable

Filter straws

Filter straws are the newest method of water treatment, they offer a quick and easy water treatment, or filtration alternative, they're lightweight simple and easy to use. there also inexpensive and last some 1,000 liters of water before the filter either rips or gets too clogged up. So whats the drawback? well quite a big once, filter straws don't kill living organisms (Bacteria, Viruses, Giradia, Cysts Etc.) such as boiling water does. The Filter Straw Simply filters them out using a filter that's 0.2 Microns, that means anything larger than 0.2 microns gets caught in the filter, everything else (Clean Water) Passes threw but with only 1 thing, Viruses!. Viruses are actually smaller than 0.2 microns, allot smaller, Viruses are actually as small as 0.004 Microns in size. Which means that pass threw the filter with the rest of the water. So what harm can a virus do? Simple answer Allot, Viruses found in water streams, river beds Etc. actually cause Hepatitis!. Not all water sources have deadly viruses which is why some people use straws, but allot of water sources do, which is why this is not the choice of expert backpacker and hiker. Some hikers do carry one of these on them as backup in case there main method of treatment fails.

lightweight - 10

space - 10


time - 10

sterilization - 4

$$ per liter - 2 cents

emergency PREPAREDNESS - 8

Shelf Life - indefinite

water tablets

Water Tablets date all the way back to the early 1900's with Portable Aqua leading the way. Water Tablets is a Chemical bases water treatment (which ill go more at length about towards the end) that offer a quick and easy way to make water suitable for drinking, you simply put a pill-like Tablet in a cup or canteen of drinking water, shake it around for about a minute and BAM your water is ready for use. Water Tablets were developed to offer an alternative to the "Boiling Water" method, a method not so efficient for militaries or long journeys as pointed out above. Water Tablets come in a lightweight & small bottle that costs around $8-10 for 50 tablets or 25 Quarts / Liters of drinking water. Water Tablets, unlike Filter Straws, actually do kill living organisms (Bacteria) in the water to a somewhat great degree. There are some drawbacks though, Firstly $8 - $12 per bottle that's around $0.08 - $0.12 per cup, that might not seem like allot but compared with the other methods out there that cost around 1 - 2 cents, that's around 8-12 times more expensive than other conventional ways of treating water. The tablets have a 5 year shelf life but only when the tablets are closes when open you need to pretty much use them right away or they'll be     useless. As far as the sterilization, easily put, not the best, Water Tablets use a chemical process that cause the Bacteria to die most of the time, its very common for the living organism (Bacteria) to mutate into something that the Water Tablets cannot kill. In short Water Tablets offer better sterilization than Filter Straws with comparable lightweight / Ease of Use features, however they costs almost 6 times more. Water Tablets are used by those who trust the Boiling Water method but want quicker easier results.


SPACE - 10


TIME - 8


$$ PER LITER - 8 -12 cents


SHELF LIFE - closed / 5 years - open / None

Polar Pure

Polar Pure is our own product, however we are going to provide an overall review with the least bias possible. 

Polar Pure is a chemical based Iodine Water Treatment method. it comes in a small, Lightweight bottle that weighs only 5 ounces and fits in your palm. Polar Pure was developed to compete with the high cost of Water Tablets, and offer sterilization compared to Boiling Water. Its used primarily by expert hikers who prefer the most comparable product to boiling water that's also inexpensive and lightweight. Polar Pure is simple to use once you figure it out.  Polar Pure is the only product that offers complete sterilization of the water from all Bacteria, Viruses, Giardia, Cysts, ETC.. You simply fill the bottle with water before you begin your trip so that water can be created into an iodine solution. Once your on your trip you put the necessary "Cap Fulls" of Solution into the bottle or canteen your trying to treat. wait approximate 20 minutes and your canteen is now sterilized. The bottle has a built in temperature gauge that lets you know how many "Cap Fulls" needed to treat the water. for example, at room temperature, the Dot near 2.0 "Cap Fulls" is dark blue, all other numbers have a dot is the same color as the amber bottle. The Dot is a dark color but can be seen clearly in Day Light, With a flash light or near a camp fire. When its night time and your in doubt you can simply put the maximum dosage, 4 "Cap Fulls", its not for health reasons, The only reason there is a dosage amount on the bottle is so you can use the bottle more efficiently. Polar Pure has an indefinite shelf life as long as the bottle is closed tightly. Polar Pure is EPA certified to exceed the minimum threshold of water sterilization. The tiny bottle can purify up to 2,000 quarts of water or 8,000 cups. compared to a bottle of Water Tablets that only treat 25 Quarts or 100 cups/ Polar Pure is also very inexpensive, at $20 per bottle its around 1 cent per Quart or a quarter of a penny per cup. 


SPACE - 10

SIMPLICITY - First time users / 7 - Second time - 10 

TIME - 7




SHELF LIFE - indefinite