Who we are

Since 1980, we have led the effort to provide clean pure water anywhere you need it. New products come and go yet Polar Pure has been steadfast in being the most trusted, Reliable and effective product by expert backpackers, hikers, Relief efforts, and Militaries around the globe for over 35 Years.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a water treatment product that is lightweight, effective and economical. at Polar Pure we strive to go far so you can go even further on your journeys. Polar Pure has been developed by Chemist and expert backpacker Bob Wallace.


OUR Founder

Bob Wallace, Chemist and  retired Engineer holding positions at Boeing and Lockheed Martin, developed a product over 30 years ago for himself to use on his own backpacking excursions, What Bob didn't know then was that his product would become the most trusted and widely used method of Water Treatment on the market.

Why were the best

  • Highest rated Water Purification Product available.
  • The only Water Treatment Product that completely sterilizes the water from ALL water living organisms.
  • Treats up to 2,000 Quarts of water from a single bottle that's only 1 Penny per Quarts compared to Water Tablets that cost 12 Cents per cup.
  • Indefinite Shelf Life. 
  • Small Lightweight design, Easy to take with you.
  • Built in Temperature Gauge lets you know the exact dosage needed for your current setting.
  • Unique Bottle Trap Design, prevents the crystals from falling out of the bottle.